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5 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog

June 07, 2019

5 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Dog

Summer is such a fun season to enjoy the warm weather, especially with your doggo! After a long winter of being cooped up in the house, and a wet and muddy spring, summer is when you can enjoy the long days and soak up every last ray of sunshine! Here are 5 fun summer activities to do with your dog:  

Go to the Lake

Taking a trip to the lake is a classic summer activity and it's dog-friendly, too! While you're making sand castles, your furry friend will be digging in the sand. Bring a few floating toys and watch your dog chase after them into the water! And always make sure if you're spending time in the water to supervise your pup.

Go on an Evening/Nighttime Walk

In the summer, it might get too hot during the day for a long walk with your pup, but use those balmy nights to your advantage to take a relaxing walk away from the heat of the midday sun. You can either go out in the evening when the sun is setting, or go a bit later and find an open field to camp out in and go stargazing! Big dogs make the best pillows, in my opinion. Just make sure you bring a flashlight and a few baggies to pick up their business! 

Play in the Sprinkler

If you're not within driving distance to a lake but you still want to beat the heat on a hot summer day, pull out the sprinkler! You'll have fun watching your dog try to catch the water as it sprays out of the sprinkler, and it'll keep her cool at the same time. Win-win! Make it a game and see how high your dog can jump over the water. Or just chase her around the backyard!

Have a Picnic in the Park

If the warm weather is calling for you to be outside, but you don't want to put all of the effort into arranging a camping trip or going to the lake, pack a basket and have a picnic in the park! There are a variety of healthy foods you can share with your dog, and you can even make homemade pupcicles as a special treat! Bring a ball or a frisbee and have a game of catch, or just relax with your furry friend in the shade. If your neighborhood requires your dog to be on a leash, be sure to follow the rules! 

Go on a Camping Trip

Make the most of those days off in the summer and go on a camping trip with your four-legged family member! Your pooch will love the extended outside time, as well as being able to experience all of the new sights and smells that a campsite has to offer. He may even get lucky and get a burnt hot dog or two! Make sure that your dog is safe with proper flea and tick protection - the woods can be full of those annoying pests.

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