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Bristly Brushing Stick


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Bristly : Empawer your dogs to bite and play the plaque away.

The ultimate dog dental chew toy, Bristly functions as a DIY toothbrush for dogs, allowing them to take control of their own dental health every day.

  • Made from natural rubber, Bristly is safe and durable
  • Internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir
  • Bristle-lined grooves that brush dog’s teeth down to the gum line
  • Flavored bristles for increased palatability
  • Easy to hold paw pads
  • Side nudges for extra friction and brushing
*For maximum benefits, use all Bristly products as part of your dog’s daily dental routine.

    Size Chart:

     Dog Weight Recommended Size 
    80+lbs  Extreme Chewer 
    45-80 lbs.  Large
    25-45lbs.  Medium 
    5-25 lbs.  Small 

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