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Brite Bite

Brite Bite is the ultimate dog dental system that looks like a chew toy but functions as a toothbrush. This DIY (as in, do it themselves) “toothbrush” allows dogs to take control of their own dental health as they bite and play the plaque away.

Made from natural rubber, it's completely safe and durable with a conveniently designed shape to ensure proper utilization and effectiveness.

***Patent Pending***

Brite Bite Features

Children didn’t like brushing
their teeth at first either

See what all the woof is about

  • Daryl Parish

    "Brite Bite is great! My dog absolutely loves holding it with the paw pads."

  • Laney Cole

    "This product works as intended. I allow my dog to use it for about 30 minutes to an hour a day with home made toothpaste to clean her teeth."

  • Eddie Shelby

    "Love the material and construction of the Brite Bite. It's great how it comes in different sizes so I can my small and big dog their very own to bite."