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Bristly Brushing Stick


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Empower your dogs to bite and play the plaque away.

The ultimate dog dental chew toy, Bristly functions as a DIY toothbrush for dogs, allowing them to take control of their own dental health every day.

Made from natural rubber, Bristly is safe and durable Bristly is safe, durable, and specifically designed with dogs anatomy and behavior to ensure effectiveness

  • Internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir
  • Bristle-lined groove that brush dogs teeth down to the gum line
  • Flavored bristles for increased palatability
  • Easy to hold paw pads
  • Side nudges for extra friction and brushing

*For maximum benefits, use all Bristly products as part of your dog's daily dental routine.

Size Chart:

Dog Weight Recommended Size
80+lbs Extreme Chewer
45-80 lbs. Large
25-45lbs. Medium
5-25 lbs. Small